Pattern- Inktober 2019 Ballpoint Pen Art by JeyRam. #inktober #inkart #originalart #inktober2019
Pattern - Inktober 2019 Ballpoint Pen Art by JeyRam. I'm an artist from Toronto that specializes in simple and elegant ink drawing to create great wall art and home decor. ! #inktober #inkart #originalart #inktober2019

About Inktober

Inktober is a challenge through October where artists come together and do daily ink drawings. The challenge was invented to help create a sense of community among artists and promote the habit of creating daily.

Get Involved

Take part in Inktober by sharing and engaging with the content. Feel free to create a Pinterest board titled ‘Inktober 2019’ and share the work you find! You can also follow the Inktober Hashtag on your favorite social media. Sharing the work of an artist is immensely helpful and I thank you for your help♡

Inktober Print Collection

Only available until November 1st 2019

Bring your walls to life with this beautiful print

Detailed line work is a great way to add character to any room while keeping it classy.

High quality 12 by 16 inch photo print that will last the test of time!

Art Piece:
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Pattern - Inktober (Original)
  • Small originals are perfect for your nightstand or desk when framed in a cute kick-stand frame :D Check photos on listing for an example~

  • Hand made & one of a kind item

  • Paper Size: 8” wide x 10” tall

  • Ink drawing on watercolor paper

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