Ballpoint Pen Art by JeyRam. I'm an artist from Toronto that specializes in simple and elegant ink drawing to create great wall art and home decor #inktober #inkart #originalart #inktober2019

I spent most of my childhood exploring forests and letting my imagination flow. Every day was a new adventure full of magic, and there were no limits to what the adventure could bring.

After moving to the suburbs, this adventurous spirit started to fade. I always felt that there was something missing in my life but I could never put my finger on what it was. This all changed for me once I started working on this project.

This body of work is a return to all the things that I loved as a child; exploration and being in awe of nature were the keystones to my happiness. Now I am trying to capture that feeling in the work.

My goal is to create art that will evoke this feeling in others and by becoming a patron or grabbing a canvas print off the website you allow me the financial security to actually pursue this dream. I wont be able to achieve this purely on my own and even if I could, what would an adventure be without companions?

Thank you for letting me share my little world with you :D

The Mission

The ultimate goal with this whole project and website is that I want to create work that is exciting and honest while serving people. Financial sustainability is a big part of the challenge of doing independent work but I strongly believe that there is inherent value in being honest and that not all creative projects have to serve a big company. I will be sharing my journey along the way so consider getting on the mailing list if you want to see how things go.

Support on Patreon

Patreon is for those who believe in supporting the arts directly and want to become an integral part of this project. By becoming a member you get access to the backlog of prints and exclusive content. More importantly, it represents a shift in how artwork is made.

We have entered an era where people have a direct influence over what art gets created in the world. Patronage of the arts used to be something that was only available to royalty and the rich but the internet has changed that. Through direct support, artists get to maintain their creative freedom and the ability to stay true to their honest voice. The collector's membership is an opportunity to be part of this change and help keep the work alive.