Patreon is for those who believe in supporting the arts directly and want to become an integral part of this project. By becoming a member you get access to the backlog of prints and exclusive content. More importantly, it represents a shift in how artwork is made.

We have entered an era where people have a direct influence over what art gets created in the world. Patronage of the arts used to be something that was only available to royalty and the rich but the internet has changed that. Through direct support, artists get to maintain their creative freedom and the ability to stay true to their honest voice. The collector's membership is an opportunity to be part of this change and help keep the work alive.

How it Works

Patreon is a monthly membership that is akin to taking out a friend out for a coffee or meal. You receive benefits depending on the tier you select and this helps drive forward the quality of the work and the freedom of the creator you support.