How to Draw Hair : Video Tutorial + Worksheets

In this Video tutorial I will teach you the foundational skills for drawing any hairstyle from imagination so you can play around and have more fun drawing. Drawing hair is some of the most fun and relaxing parts of drawing people and I want to share my approach. Like all my courses, it will be taught in stages so that its very beginner friendly while still teaching you how to draw with dimension.


The Challenge with Drawing Hair

The hardest part of drawing hair is giving the hair enough dimension so that it feels like it has volume while still feeling light. Through the exercises we will do together we will develop our ability to capture the volume of hair while maintaining the flow of hair. Drawing hair is made up of a few core skills and learning them will make drawing hair a lot easier. The worksheets included with the tutorial are specifically made to help us develop these core skills one step at a time.

How to Draw Hair : Step by Step Course
  • Video Tutorial on how to draw the hair, this will teach you the foundation skills for drawing any hairstyle from imagination!

  • Comes with 3 Worksheets that we will work through to help solidify what we learn :D

  • I am really excited to be part of your art journey so I thank you for allowing me to help you learn how to draw the face :D

  • Upon purchase you will receive a printable PDF file that has the link to the video component at the bottom. Click the link at the bottom of the PDF to load the video.

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The Biggest Struggle for Beginner Artists

One of the things that makes drawing such a difficult skill to learn is that it requires a strong foundation before you get to the fun parts. Rendering and shading are usually considered the most fun because they help bring a piece to life and is easier than constructing the image. This is especially true when you want a sense of dimension in your work and want to give your characters a sense of realism. Even when artists use stabilization, a certain amount of foundation is important.

So what can you do about this? Well, drawing becomes much more manageable if you find a process of learning that allows you to take it one building block at a time. The mistake many people make is that they try to learn everything at once instead of just laying one brick perfectly before moving onto the next. I love using worksheets in my tutorials because it puts emphasis on a specific skill so you can narrow down and improve quickly.

When I create these tutorials I think of what would have helped me when I was a younger artist, these are the tutorials I wished I had and I strongly believe that someone could catch up to my level of drawing quite quickly with these resources.

One thing to keep in mind is that ultimately, this all comes down to enjoying the process. Drawing is very fulfilling because you have something you made at the end that can last many centuries; but, the real joy is in the act of creation. Feeling the pencil on paper is where the true spark of adventure begins.