Do You Have to Draw in Ink for Inktober?

No, you dont HAVE to draw in inks for inktober, use the tools that will make the art making process the most enjoyable for you! The main purpose behind Inktober is to improve your artistic ability while enjoying the process, if doing ink work isn’t within your interest you dont have to do it. Taking on the challenge of drawing in ink can be very fulfilling and help improve your skillsets but not at the cost of enjoying the art making process. The main reason most people get into art is because they love it, dont ever forget that the love for the craft stands above everything else.

Its much better to do art in your spare time that you love while keeping a “normal’ job than it is to become a professional artist but lose the love for it. The magic of art creation comes from the crystallization of your joy within the drawing. Dont worry too much about rules, do what you love and challenge yourself in a way that promotes your growth.