Draw this in your Style Challenge : Miles Johnston

Draw this in your style is a challenge where artists take on the concept that another artist made and executes it with their own unique style. The challenge became massively popular because it became a way of sharing the emotions of an idea through art making. Miles Johnston put out some of his inktober drawings to be part of the challenge and I decided to try it out for myself.

Miles Draw This In Your Style Challenge by JeyRam #drawchallenge #drawthisinyourstyle #inkart

Long form Process Video

This is a low key and relaxing video of me inking this piece, great for putting on in the background because there is only music and no voice over! (especially for those who love Lofi Music)

Draw this in Your Style (Original Ink)
  • Hand made & one of a kind item

  • Original Concept by Miles Johnston

  • Paper Size: 9” wide x 12” tall

  • Ink drawing on Bristol Vellum

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Flower Drawings (Printable PDF)
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  • Im on a mission to share the joy and beauty of drawing flowers, will you join me on this adventure?

  • Learn how to draw flowers for homemade cards and other gifts/DIY projects. People just love receiving a hand-drawn card that has beautiful flowers on them!

  • 20 Page Floral Arrangements workbook that will take you through the process of drawing gorgeous flowers!

Lets Draw Together!

About Me

I spent most of my childhood exploring forests and letting my imagination flow. Every day was a new adventure full of magic, and there were no limits to what the adventure could bring.

After moving to the suburbs, this adventurous spirit started to fade. I always felt that there was something missing in my life but I could never put my finger on what it was. This all changed for me once I started working on this project.

This body of work is a return to all the things that I loved as a child; exploration and being in awe of nature were the keystones to my happiness. Now I am trying to capture that feeling in the work.

My goal is to turn this body of work into a series of books. This will only be possible with the support of my fellow explorers. If this project interests you, consider becoming a patron or grabbing something off the store; it will help keep this project afloat.

Thank you for letting me share my little world with you :D

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