Artist Resources

Here are a collection of my favorite resources, everything from stuff on anatomy to how to live a happier life. Not perfectly organized but I order it based on where I was to start over on my journey as an artist. Some links are affiliate links but none of these resources are things I dont use myself.

Orc Dave Rapoze.png

I would highly recommend starting with this regardless of your skill level. This tutorial goes into life lessons and asking yourself important questions to find a fulfilling career path as an artist. I personally had to take some time to reflect and rethink my path after listening to this. If you are on a tight budget you can consider starting with the "Eyeball Knight" tutorial, he goes over similar thoughts and ideas. The tutorial costs less than $1 per hour of quality content, well worth the money.

By far the best anatomy book in my opinion. He goes over simplifying the figure so its easier to memorize. This book isn't cluttered with knowledge that wont help you draw better. tons of drawing examples and step by steps to follow. This book never leaves my table.




This is a classic anatomy book and for good reason. Its well written and its full of drawing examples. He does a good job at teaching how to draw gesture and movement in the figures.


A lot of current day artists used this book to learn anatomy. It has pretty much everything you need.