Inktober Art Inspiration & Ideas #inktober #inktober2019

 Artists to Follow this Inktober for Inspiration & Ideas

Here are some of my favorite Ink artists that do amazing work all year round but are also great to follow during Inktober. For anyone who doesn't know, through October artists take on the challenge of creating daily ink pieces for the entire month! A lot of breathe taking art is made during the month and these are some that you may want to follow. 

Following on Instagram is great, but if you truly love an artist's work I highly recommend getting on their mailing list (if they have one) because it is a more direct way for artists to communicate with their audience. Algorithms can change and you might not see posts that you truly value, or you may just miss them if you aren't on at the right time. Mailing lists are the most effective way for you to hear from the creators you love! 


Faunwood’s work is easily some of my favorites to look at. These cute critters and creatures are both adorable and beautiful. Her use of darks and lines is very effective and she is able to capture great details with very few lines. Every illustration is full of character and her work always puts a smile on my face.


Feefal is definitely someone to look to for great concepts with minimalist designs. Threading the line of surreal concepts and fantasy work crossed with the classic use of ink lines makes the work stand out. The dark themes are perfect for Inktober because it is right in time for Halloween.

Andrew Mar

Elegance and beauty are the two words that first come to mind when I see this work. Andrew Mar has such a great sense of movement and flow in his drawings that the work leaves you in awe. 


Behemot has some of the most fascinating and cute character designs that I have ever seen. After following the art of this creator for sometime you get the sense that you know these characters. This is a perfect example of someone who has leaned into their personal voice and the style really speaks to you.


A common theme with these artists is that they have a distinct voice that is unique and full of personality, which this artist does perfectly. Her female characters feel alive and pop out of the page & so well designed they make you want to get tattoos of them.

Honorable Mentions:

Miles Johnston

Miles doesn't always work in ink but he did a series of ink drawings for last year's Inktober that is pure magic. These deeply emotional and breathtaking drawings are really something to be inspired by.

JeyRam (Meee)

..and then there is me :D Yes this is a shameless plug, if you enjoy my art feel free to join the mailing list below! 

Thinking of taking on the Challenge? I wrote an article on 9 Tips that will make Inktober less intimidating! :D

Ink Drawing Process Video

Here is a relaxing & long form video of my inking process put to some lofi music for anyone who wants to see some drawing in action