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*I am currently working on tutorials so Treehouse Exclusives will be scarce for the next few months

What is the Treehouse Club?

The Treehouse is for those who believe in supporting the arts directly and want to become an integral part of this project. By becoming a member you get access to the backlog of prints and exclusive content. More importantly, it represents a shift in how artwork is made.

We have entered an era where people have a direct influence over what art gets created in the world. Patronage of the arts used to be something that was only available to royalty and the rich but the internet has changed that. Through direct support, artists get to maintain their creative freedom and the ability to stay true to their honest voice. The collector's membership is an opportunity to be part of this change and help keep the work alive.

Why Does Patronage Matter?

Artists cant create honest work without the direct support of individuals that enjoy the work. Its a harsh reality that most creatives dont get to create what they love because it isn’t financially sustainable to do both freelance work and personal work. Do we want to live in a world where all the art is dictated by what companies want? Patronage allows for creative freedom and a symbiotic relationship where audience members get more of the work they love and artists get to create emotionally fulfilling work.

But I already get it for free, why pay?

It really comes down to sustainability and quality, with direct support artists can focus more time on creating quality content that people can connect with and less time trying to sell. Its difficult to see the value in paying for something when you receive the work upfront, but if you want more of the work you love then financial support is the best way to secure the continuation of that work.

Treehouse Membership
4.99 every month
  • ** Currently working on tutorials so there wont be any treehouse exclusives for the next few months **

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  • By joining our expedition you help make this project possible!

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About Me

I spent most of my childhood exploring forests and letting my imagination flow. Every day was a new adventure full of magic, and there were no limits to what the adventure could bring.

After moving to the suburbs, this adventurous spirit started to fade. I always felt that there was something missing in my life but I could never put my finger on what it was. This all changed for me once I started working on this project.

This body of work is a return to all the things that I loved as a child; exploration and being in awe of nature were the keystones to my happiness. Now I am trying to capture that feeling in the work.

My goal is to turn this body of work into a series of books. This will only be possible with the support of my fellow explorers. If this project interests you, consider becoming a patron or grabbing something off the store; it will help keep this project afloat.

Thank you for letting me share my little world with you :D