Quick Introduction

Hello hello, my name is Jey and I’m an illustrator currently working out of Toronto, Canada. Now writing the rest of this is going to be slightly difficult, I’ve thought this over a million times and I can’t really figure out the best way to introduce myself.

I am starting this personal blog to make an attempt at being more honest and open, sharing my thoughts and struggles. It isn’t something that comes naturally to me but I’ve found that I enjoy reading about other people’s thoughts, so I feel like I should share my own. It’s tempting to make myself seem greater than I am in hopes to impress you, being part of a generation that is consumed by social media it’s difficult to be real. But I will do my best to be transparent and honest.

In the past 3 years my life has changed quite drastically, well at least my outlook on it. I realized that who I thought I was didn’t align with how I actually behaved. I’d like to describe it as believing you are the hero when in reality you are the villain, but that sounds overly dramatic.

I had hit rock bottom at the time and wasn’t able to hold a pencil due to injuries. It forced me to take a look at myself and question how I had gotten to such a low point. Looking back I now know, more than ever, that it was my own doing that had lead me there. I now do everything in my power to change for the better and this blog will talk a lot about that journey.

I am fairly lost and deal with a lot of fear on a regular basis. I have chosen a career that I enjoy but I also know that it will be a difficult road to travel. The only reassurance I have is that I really like working all day and hope to always work hard on the craft. The biggest obstacle is that I have physical injuries that make it hard to work as much as I want. A combination of pinched nerves, bad posture and muscle imbalances haunt me, but I fill that time with reading books.

I feel like that’s a decent first post, I will update this as I go and I hope to see you back here soon.

-  Love, Jey