Drawing Lessons for Kids : Cute Cats (PDF)

Drawing worksheets are a great way to get kids off their digital screens and helps them develop the ability to focus. As we move into an era of distraction, being able to take time to do worksheets like these can greatly impact other life skills down the road. I might have a bias towards drawing because I am an artist myself but I do believe its a great hobby to develop discipline and focus while still being enjoyable. Plus, who doesn’t love some handmade gifts come Christmas time ;D.

These drawing exercises are made to help develop a child’s ability to see proportions. There will be a complete illustration on the left and an incomplete drawing to the right that will have some light guidelines to help the child connect the dots. This might be a little challenging at first but I strongly believe that this approach will yield greater results down the road. These worksheets are also a great way to spend time together if you also want to do some drawing after a long day at work.

Printable Drawing Exercises for Kids (Cute Cats)
  • Drawing worksheets for kids that are a great way to develop your child’s ability to focus and take time away from digital screens!

  • Two printable sheets with 10 cat drawings

  • Light guidelines to help kids develop proportion awareness

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You will receive a link through email that contains the PDF document that you can print out and use as many times as you like. If these sheets are too challenging at first, you can always come back once your child is a little older to try again.

If you have any tips on how I can improve these types of exercises feel free to email me at Contact@JeyRam.Org
I am always looking for ways to improve because I feel passionate about spreading drawing as a hobby around the world.